I just posted two new items on Etsy: a wire-wrapped pendant, and a crystal-accented keychain. I’m actually quite proud of these, since I completed them whilst in the depths of a rather low mood. Nonetheless, they turned out beautifully–I hope they find good homes!

Speaking of good homes, I found the most adorable little accents on Etsy–little houses by thelittlereddoor. They’re hand-built ceramic houses, all of them unique and so tiny! I love their shop banner–featuring a sweet little row of houses spelling out their name :)

I’ve been wondering what exactly will be done about this spill, which seemed dire when it first happened. According to this article, however, the worst has already essentially come to pass.

Not only is the well gushing thousands of gallons of oil into the sea, but underground leaks are threatening the structure of the entire operation. From what I understand, this article explains how the seabed itself is holding the well, but is rapidly eroding from the stress placed on it by these events, and how the entire structure will eventually collapse, possibly before the relief wells can even be put in place.

This is the price we pay, I suppose. Read the article, it’s good information. Terrifying information, yes, but good nonetheless.

This article by Cracked.com’s David Wong talks about what’s wrong with gaming nowadays. And I, for one, completely agree with just about everything he says.

The article is called “5 Reasons It’s Still Not Cool to Admit You’re a Gamer,” and it talks about several problems in the gaming world today. For example, how the world is stuck thinking gamers are a bunch if immature 17-year-olds, because that’s what the companies treat us like. Every new game is full of either boobs, guns, aliens, or all three. There’s no more story development, just mindless mowing down of enemy pixels.

And speaking of pixels, graphics can make or break a game. I don’t mean the difference between Pong and Portal graphics, unfortunately. As Wong put it, describing a screenshot someone had taken and analyzed:

Who’s that woman Alan is talking to up there? Where are they going? How does it play into the story? What emotions is this scene going to elicit? Tension? Dread? Humor? HOW CAN YOU WORRY ABOUT SUCH THINGS WHEN THE ROLL CAGE ON HIS PICKUP TRUCK ONLY HAS A 19:25 PIXEL RATIO.

I confess that I don’t play games as much as I could, but it’s for that very reason: games now are made to run on the latest and greatest platforms available to humankind. Portal, for example, a game that I really wanted to play, wouldn’t even run on my 2GHz processor. Even Half Life 2, which is now 6 years old, wouldn’t run on my machine. Oh, and Heaven help you find a new game to play on a Netbook!

When I returned from Japan, jobless and without anything to occupy my summer, I started to look towards games that I could run on my netbook, since my laptop’s epic death took away my primary gaming platform. I found a nice article here, that lists 25 games that WILL run on a netbook. Most of them are from the early 90’s. Most of these games have one claim to fame, that makes them worth playing, despite the lack of spectacular graphics: storyline. Surprisingly, most are under $10, which brings me to the article’s next point:

People don’t pay for games. Thanks to torrents and filesharing websites, single-player PC games are dying, and dying fast. As one friend of mine put it, “there’s no need to buy any game that’s not online multiplayer. Just torrent that shit.” His thinking isn’t uncommon; why pay $50 for a game you can get for free? There’s no reason to pay the developers and programmers anything, they’re basically like volunteers, right? They do it because they love it, not because they have bills to pay or families to support.

The article talks about an indie game company that offered a bundle of games, direct to download, with no “corporate middle-men” to jack up retail costs, and no DRM to restrict players, all together worth about $80. People were allowed to make whatever offer they felt was fair, even down to $.01. The average offer? $9.18, excluding the torrents that didn’t even pay the one cent.

Read the article. Wong puts it better than I ever could. Things have to change, or else gaming is going to go the way of toilet jokes and joy-buzzers.

I found a fantastic list of twitter tips for Etsy craftsmen! Of course these can all be modified for whatever you sell, wherever you sell it, but some of them are fantastic!

You can find the original article here!

One highlight of the article promoted the use of a website called Twitter Karma to manage your followers/following. You need your username and password, and it loads your followers/following lists, and lets you compare who is just following you, who you are only following, and who all is mutual friends with you. I went through and found a couple people I forgot to follow when they added me, plus some people who I only ‘added back’, but then they un-followed me just as quickly! Very useful :D

Also, a nice list of twitter ettiquite from the article:

-Twitter Etiquette:
*Don’t spam with auto DM’s (direct messages)! This is one of the fastest ways to get yourself unfollowed.
*Don’t just post links to your “stuff”. If you’re only going to take about yourself, soon you’ll only BE talking to yourself!
*Retweet interesting and helpful posts from other people.
*Interact with other tweeters – reply to their messages, ask them questions, congratulate them on sales, etc.
*Aim to tweet at least every few hours (but NOT every few minutes – don’t overwhelm the system with a million tweets per minute!).
*Keep your tweets interesting. Vary from links, to questions, to observations, to “regular” stuff. Share all your fav finds on the web and try to be as helpful as possible. But try to keep links to a minimum so you don’t get reported for spamming (you can do this easily but offsetting link tweets with another non-link tweet).
*It’s ok to block “questionable” followers. This will mean different things to different people, just go with your gut.

The article was written by She’s Batty Designs on Etsy, whose twitter can be found here. I hope you find it as interesting and informative as I did!

My mother ran across the coolest box in the history of boxes–an Etui.

Here you can find a picture of one, as well as in Sparetime Crafts‘s Etsy shop.
It’s a box inside of a box, with padded sides, that all folds out like a flower! Apparantly, they’ve been used since the 1700s, when no proper woman would be caught without one, containing the various necessities, such as sewing thread, darning needles, a comb, and so forth.

There are some truly beautiful ones out there!  These look so useful, as well! Some aren’t much bigger than about four inches square, to hold a nice little needlework set!

This idea is brilliant, as soon as I get a chance, I really want to try and make one of my own! Everyone should have one, it seems :D

I need to post with a special code to get m blog verified at Technorati, so here it is!



A New Craft!


Handmade Green Drop Earrings

So, in my quest to find something that works for me, I’ve tried my hand at jewelry! As a matter of fact, I’m quite pleased with the result. I turned out 6 pairs of lovely green glass earrings, which I’ve promptly made available for sale in my Etsy shop, Eclectically Inspired. (Link opens in a new window, so feel free to browse and come back!)

I’m actually really excited about it, I’m hoping this will be the start of something I can do for a little extra money. I love Etsy, there’re so many amazing things on there, I’d love to be counted amongst the artisans represented there.

I’ll have more odds and ends up soon, I think, since I’ve got a lot of materials to play with, and, so long as my job hunt continues as it has, lots of time to play with them!


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